An Oracle Partner Program Member.

Offering the software services of Ken Allen.

All new direct clients of AKAKA will only be charged $1 per hour for the first 2 weeks of any job scheduled to last 6 weeks or more. NOTE: I frequently sub-contract through various placement agencies and I cannot offer this in those cases.

This enables your company to enjoy a relatively free evaluation period of my services. If you decide that my talents don't match your company's needs, you can terminate the contract at any time during the first 2 weeks and pay $80 or less. After the initial 2 weeks, the rates and other terms of our contract will need to be followed.

Many contractors out there tell a good story, but often don't deliver what they promise. I will typically tell a realistic story and deliver more than promised. I am making this offer to reduce your risk and to get my foot in the door. I am confident that you will realize my abilities and request my services again and again. From my perspective the initial 2 weeks is a small investment.